1000 Pageviews

all, THANKS to you~
I still can't believe it, rasanya baru beberapa minggu ngepost dan taunya udah 1000 pageviews. Maybe 1000 pageviews itu menurut kalian engga banyak tapi menurutku banyak:)). Ya, susah payah mulai dari download theme, benerin layout yang sering ilang-ilang sendiri..., dan beli bukunya itu susah kalo lagi bokek, heuheheu. I feel amazed that there are people out there viewing my blog and reading my posts. my next mark would be 5,000 pageviews! i don't know when it'll happen, but i'll definitely post it on my blog :)
i just hope that what i wrote in this blog will be helpful and somehow enjoyable for everyone to read.
once again, i am very thankful for each and everyone of you who have viewed my blog and read it. i really really appreciate it :* 
i promise i'll write better book reviews, and read more in the future :) (and also i will improve my english grammar for English books' reviews)