about the blog

actually have long had a blogbut I just think not long ago to make a book-blog.
Before becoming a book-blogger, I myself tend to be more loving fashion than of Booksbut now I think I am more-more-more-and more love books. And I found something that might arguably limited editionlove books.

I found the idea to create a book-blogger because I get the value of Indonesian Language nice and very satisfyingAnd I think it's not easy to get good marks in the exam subjects.

Okay, this blog was created on November 12012However, I started writing this blog on November 20, 2012. Because I was having Semester Final Exam.

I would also like to thank for those who have supported me and my blog. I received encouragement from my family, friends, and even my blog visitors; to keep reading and writing book reviews. Which is why I feel absolutely grateful for being able to do something that I love so much and be useful for others :) Love you All!

Once again I wanna say thankyou and loveyou!